Episode #34

The Rule for Taking Action

Taking action isn’t enough. What kind of action you take is the only thing that matters if you want to reach your goals.

Has this ever happened to you that you walk into a mall and walk out buying something you didn’t really need?

If it has maybe you’re approaching your goals in the same manner. You may not know what you want to achieve, how to take specific action and you don’t end up getting the results you want.

Hi and welcome back to Action-Ables. On this episode, let’s look at what you need to do to move toward your goals and what’s the rule for taking action.

There’s this quote by Jack Canfield “Vague Goals produce Vague Results” This means if you want specific results in life then you have to first get highly specific about what you want to achieve and then take specific action toward that particular goal.

Often, the results we get may not be what we want and then we end up feeling stressed and disappointed in ourselves. This can be avoided if you quit being vague about what you want to achieve.

Due to self limiting beliefs you may hold yourself back from expressing what you truly want. If you think that by being less specific you may get close and maybe that good enough. Right? No, a big resounding No!

If you are unclear about where you want to reach, you’re not just being vague but you’re also choosing to get unclear results.

Think about this. While flying a plane if the pilot doesn’t set specific coordinates will the plane ever reach its destination? He/she doesn’t say I want to reach the destination but let me get close enough and that should do, so I’m gonna set some coordinates. What will happen the plane may reach some destination for sure, but not the one that was intended. 

Similarly, when you say you want to reach your goal. Your first responsibility is to get specific. Figure out the what you want, how much and by when do you want to reach that goal. Get specific about it. The specific you are the better results you’ll get.

Let’s assume you’ve at least thought about what you want to achieve, how do you take specific action?

Here’s the rule for taking action. I call this The Rule of Absolutes

Here’s what you need to do. Write down what are those specific things you need to do to move toward your goals on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.

Now, this is slightly different than just writing a To-Do List. Unlike a To-Do List which you may or may not get done, the Rule of Absolutes is about deciding 2-3 absolutely necessary, no excuses, action you have to take on a daily basis.

Doing these few but necessary things will move and accelerate you toward your goal. And the great part you already know these 2-3 things that’ll make the most impact.

So if you want to hit the gym in the morning, you already know you can’t binge watch Netflix the night before. Another thing you must do is set the alarm and put your phone away from your bed that way you have less chances to snooze it.!

It’s important to understand that you don’t just have have to take action but you also need to measure the quality of your actions. Once you start getting into this groove of doing the absolute necessary things, you’ll notice the shift in your own energy and also in the results you achieve.

To implement this rule, set yourself a personal standard to do 2-3 absolute action items on daily, weekly, and on a monthly basis.

Do it and see the results you get.

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Remember, ‘What You Want Matters and It’s Up to You to Make It Happen’

Episode #33

Most Important Resource of Life

What’s the most important resource of your life?

Here’s a question. What’s that one thing old people crave? Is it more money, more time or is it more ‘energy?” Of course, it ’s energy! All the other stuff is meaningless if you don’t have life energy.

If you said money, you’re wrong! Wait up I don’t have anything against money.

In this episode of Action-Ables let’s discuss how life energy matters when it comes to reaching your goals.

One of the things I learnt early on in life is I learnt about an interesting concept from this amazing book called ‘Your Money or your life” by Vicki Robbin & Joe Dominguez. It was the concept of how we exchange our life energy for earning money.

So I expanded this concept and believe that the most important resource of life is our life energy to not just earn more money but it relates to every aspect of our lives!

So Why life energy. It’s ironic how many people think that in life money or anything else is more important than their energy levels. Why is it that physical, mental and emotional energy aren’t being paid enough attention?

It’s obvious that without high levels of energy, an athlete can’t break records?

Similarly, you won’t be able to reach your goals if you don’t learn how to generate powerful life energy for yourself.

Think about your life, that career you love dearly, or those family vacations you take once a year and the ones you’re yet to take, or anything you want to do and enjoy, it’ll require you to have high levels of energy.

Now, even though this sounds obvious, Yet, it’s ironic how few people even think about having the right energy levels.

Even though we all have heard and know intellectually that everything around us is energy, we tend to forget this fact. Every thought you have has energy, how you act accordingly is in turn the energy you create. If you act from a place of positive thoughts, your actions will be positive and so will the results you get. 

There are several  factors that determine your energy levels such as the quality of the foods you consume, your immediate environment, the quality of your thoughts and physical movements.

It’s no wonder then how some people are able to operate at high levels of performance. They are able to generate enough life energy for themselves and the goals they want to reach their lives.

Here’s a thought experiment you can do right now. Imagine a scene from a movie in which the hero needs to accomplish a task. How would you describe the energy level of this hero? High or low? Well, to state the cliche, you are the hero in your life.

Everything you choose to do, your work, the quality of your relationships, your goals requires you to be at your best and at your highest energy levels.

Here are two ways to increase this important resource of your life 

  1. Set your intention: Now, I don’t want to suggest a particular way to do this, for me it’s meditation, you  choose a time, place or a way to set an intention for yourself daily. If you know what matters to you at least during the day, then being present to that goal, person or situation becomes much simpler.

For example, if you want to be more patient with a person in your life, set an intention for it. The next time you’re in a trying situation with them, remind yourself of the intention you set earlier for dealing with them.

2. Energy ATM: Depending on what it is you’re trying to achieve you’ll need enough energy. Think of it this way, just like you need specific amount of money to buy something, use your life energy sparingly. Don’t waste your time and emotions on things or situations that don’t serve you. If you do, you’ll be squandering away your precious life energy!

Now for some tough love.

If you only wish to do the bare minimum of existing, earning money and not really think of expanding and reaching your highest potential, then you’ll need minimal life energy and that’s okay!

However, if there are things you want to do and achieve in life, then get real serious and protect your most important resource in life which is indeed your life energy!

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Remember, ‘What You Want Matters and It’s Up to You to Make It Happen’