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I’ve been actively coaching for couple of years now. I’m a certified life coach as well as an NLP practitioner. 

I have about ten years of corporate and business experience. I’ve worked with companies such as Google, Ogilvy & Mather and McCann Erickson.

I’m deeply passionate and committed to my work which is to enable others to live a life of deeper meaning.

Personal growth and development is not just an industry I’m part of, but it’s a way of life for me. 

I’m someone who practices what they teach. I believe that Change is possible if one has the right Strategy in place. My biggest endeavour in this aspect has been the creation of my company- Up It

Topics I often speak about:

1. Interval vs external validation- Your self worth

2. A good strategy can make all the difference in life.- Life coaching and its importance

3. Practical, healthy and successful habits- Teachings of the greats

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